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What exactly IS a Webinar?

A Webinar (short for web-based seminar) is an online seminar put on by a host, where the participants watch the seminars from their computers.  Typically, they are either watching a Powerpoint presentation, a live demonstration on the internet or an application, or a live video of people.  Normally participants have the ability to interact, including the ability to give, receive and discuss information, rather than just receive it.  Other names for a Webinar include: online seminar, online training, online education, virtual seminar, web seminar, webcast or web conference. This website is basically a directory of Webinars, but anything virtual can also be found here (including radio shows and teleseminars!), whether it’s live or pre-recorded (on-demand).

How do I find out about new webinars?

There are a few ways you can find out about newly listed Webinars:

  • Newsletter - Every Monday morning, we will send out an email with all of the Featured Webinars that are newly listed, going on this week, and going on next week.  Be sure to register to receive our newsletter. (Featured only)
  • RSS FeedSubscribe to our RSS feed to receive all Featured Webinars and blog posts directly to your RSS Reader or Google homepage. (Featured only)
  • Twitter - Follow us on Twitter, and we will tweet about newly listed Webinars, and 2 days prior to each Webinar. (Featured only)
  • Facebook - Become a fan of our Facebook page, and we will update the page 2 days prior to each Webinar. (Featured only)
  • Search - Periodically visit the Find a Webinar page to find what you are looking for. (Featured and Basic)

How often will I receive the newsletter?

The newsletter will be sent out every Monday morning, and includes the webinars for the next 2 weeks by category (Business/Leadership, Marketing/Social Media, Technology, All Other), newly listed live webinars and newly listed recorded webinars.  No basic live webinars are included in the newsletter, so don’t forget to check the site if you’re looking for something!

What is the difference between Basic Free Webinar and Featured Live Webinars?

Basic free webinars are free, and Featured Listings cost Webinar hosts a small fee, but come with an upgraded level of service, including better search results on our site, RSS feed and weekly newsletter listing.

I’d like to subscribe to your RSS feed so I know what webinars are new each day.  How do I do that?

Here’s the link to subscribe to our RSS feed of all webinars. Or, if you’d like to subscribe to specific categories, here’s how… Use this base: http://www.webinarlistings.com/calendar/events/rss.php?l=ID, and fill in the ID as appropriate from the list below (use commas and no spaces to separate multiple categories):

29           B2B
23           Business
21           Computers
11           Education
25           Family and/or Parenting
20           Finance & Accounting
16           Government
26           Healthcare/Pharma
4              Human Resources
17           Job Search
24           Leadership
19           Legal
13           Marketing
14           Marketing – Email
12           Marketing – Online
30           Mobile
28           Networking
18           Non-profit
5             OTHER
32           PR/Communications
9             Sales
10           Search Engine – SEO/SEM
33            Self Improvement/Personal Growth
2              Social Media
3              Social Media – Facebook
7              Social Media -LinkedIn
6              Social Media -Twitter
15           Social Media -Video
22           Technology
31            Technology – Virtualization
27           Women

Or, use this http://www.webinarlistings.com/calendar/events/rss.php?s=3 for all Featured Webinars.  Contact Us if you have any questions.


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