There are a number of pricing options at WebinarListings.


Basic Live free webinars, of course, are free.  Featured Live webinars are $30/webinar, or can be purchased in packages:

  • ONE Featured Webinar: $30/Webinar
  • ONE Platinum Webinar: $250/Webinar
  • ONE MONTH of webinars (max of 6): $100
  • THREE MONTHS of webinars (max of 20): $275
  • Package of 5 Webinars: $120 (20% savings)
  • Package of 10 Webinars: $225 (25% savings)

If you are concerned about the pricing, take a look at our case studies to help make the decision!

Platinum Webinars

Our Pro service is our highest level of service for $250/webinar.  This service will drive the most registrations and leads to your webinar. See our Host page for details on what the Pro service offers.



Pay-Per-Lead for Featured Live Webinars

We are now also offering pay-per-lead pricing for $10/lead, with a maximum of $80/webinar.  This way, you don’t pay anything unless we bring you a lead.  Here are answers to your questions about how this works:

What is a lead?

A “lead” is defined as one click on the “Register Now” button on your webinar’s page on our site.  As with all Featured Webinars, we send you a report of the activity on your webinar. The “URL clicks” line in that report is the way we define a “lead”.


How do I know that the “lead” registered on my site for a webinar?

Since webinar participants register for the webinar on your website, and not on WebinarListings, there is no way for us to know that the lead registered.  But, since all of the information people need to make a decision whether to attend the webinar, is included in your listing (description, price, date, time, host, etc), if they click on “Register Now” chances are extremely high that they will actually register.

When do I pay for my Webinar?

Within one week after your webinar, we will send you an invoice via PayPal to the email address you registered your webinar with.  Payment terms are 7 days via PayPal, with 1% fee/day over 7 days.

Is there anything I need to do differently when listing my webinar?

We recommend you use a tracking code so you can confirm the number of leads we get on WebinarListings.  In addition, for your future knowledge, you will be able to track if the lead has registered for your webinar.  You can also look at the ip addresses of the leads.

Please remove any additional links to your registration page in the description on, as people may click on that link instead of the orange “Register Now” button, reducing the number of official leads we are tracking.



There are 3 options available for your recorded webinars:


  • Embedded video: $30/year
  • Link to the webinar on your site: $30/year
  • Upload to myBrainshark: $40/year.  You choose the pricing for viewers, and any revenue made on your webinar will automatically be split 70/30 between your company and WebinarListings (we take 30%).  You can also get view statistics on the webinar.  Here’s an example of a myBrainshark recording.


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